Top 10 finishers at Milwaukee MILE


 1.  Woody Pool from Tinley park, IL

 2.  Jim Kulseth from Rosemount, MN

 3.  Kenny Hutchens from Black River Falls, WI

 4.  Roger Peterson from Canton, MI

 5.  Dan Navrestad from LaCrosse, WI

 6.  Ralph Cottone from Mindoro, WI

 7.  Greg Cottone from Warrens, WI

 8.  Tom Haffer From Prairie Farm WI

 9.  Mike Schliepp from Coloma WI

10. David Strachan from Piction, Ontario, Canada 


A Special thanks to O'Reilley's Auto Parts for being our race day sponsor for this event.

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Due to COVID-19 April 25th Race has been cancelled. A sincere thank you from UMVRS to all the nurses, doctors, health care workers and all essential workers on the front lines risking lives everyday as we all will get through this pandemic. THANK YOU!