1. Safety- All cars must be approved by UMVRS staff.
A) Properly built roll cages, no cars with drive shafts or well pipe used as roll cage material allowed.
B) Belts and harnesses must be in good condition, minimum 3 inch lap belt and 2 inch shoulder harness, no rips or tears accepted, belts and harnesses must be mounted to roll cage or frame. As of 2020 must be 2017 or newer.
C) Snell approved helmets
D) Fire retardant gloves mandatory, fire retardant shoes are recommended
E) All cars MUST have window safety net
F) Center of steering wheel MUST have padding, roll cage padding is mandatory within contact area of the driver
G) Quick release type fire extinguisher within easy reach of driver is mandatory, on board fire systems recommended.
H) Fuel Cell- All cars must have approved fuel cell, no tractor, beer kegs, or boat gas tanks allowed. Must be properly mounted, must be top fill and have a roll over tip valve.
I) Two throttle return springs pulling in opposite directions mandatory.

2. Tires- ANY 10 inch tire allowed. New tires discouraged, used tires recommended

3. Motor- Crossing motor brand ok. No aluminum blocks and NO electric fuel pumps. Motor set back maximum 3 inches of #1 spark plug in line with center of upper ball joint on driver’s side.
A) Dry sump motors allowed, 100 LB weight penalty and must run 2 barrel carburetor.
B) NO LS motors

4. Shocks- Big spring and shock cars preferred, coil over cars allowed but cheaper units only. NO Schrader valves allowed, NO canister type coil overs allowed.

5. Fuel- Racing or pump gas ONLY. Shut off valve recommended. No fuel lines through drivers compartment unless enclosed in conduit.

6. Frames- Stock factory frames and racing frames allowed such as LeftHander, PathFinder etc. Minimum wheel base of 103 inches. Minimum ride height 4 inches with driver is being considered.

7. Ballast- All weight must be painted WHITE, marked with car #. All weight must be securely mounted to roll cage or frame. No fastening to sheet metal allowed.
8. Body- Any American made steel bodied passenger car 1990 or older allowed. Steel body means roof and rear quarters must be steel. NO wedged body, pickup trucks or station wagons allowed. All cars must be neat appearing, free of dents and tire rubs. Cars 1965 and older will be allowed to run without front fenders.
A) All cars need to be stock appearing……NO wedge bodies, NO heavy chopped or slanted roofs.
B) Rear spoiler, due to wide variety of body styles, NO over excessive spoilers or elephant ears allowed. Recommended rear spoiler should be maximum of 5 inches measured from top of trunk lid.
C) ONLY steel bodied cars are eligible for bonus money that is available from time to time.
D) FAB bodied cars will be allowed with a weight penalty of 200 pounds. Fab bodied means cars with fiberglass or aluminum roof or rear quarters.
E) Retired NASCAR, ARCA, and Busch cars allowed. Must be 1990 or older, no dry sump motors. From time to time a newer car may be allowed if it fits within the spirit of UMVRS vintage racing. Must be approved prior to competing.

9. Weight- All cars MUST weigh 3,000 pounds and 58% maximum left side weight except:
A) Stock factory frame cars can weigh 2900 pounds with maximum 60% left side weight.
B) Fab Bodied cars must weigh 3200 pounds with maximum 58% left side weight.

10. Vintage Spirit Rule- From time to time we may allow cars to compete with minor infractions, but will be approved on a car by car basis by UMVRS. It is likely additional weight will be added to these cars. No car deemed dominant and not fitting the rules will be allowed.

Gentlemen’s Rule: The Gentlemen’s rule is intended to spread the fun around. It is a carryover from previous clubs but modified to fit UMVRS. We are asking feature winners to refrain from dominating the series. So, if you win a feature, we ask that you refrain from winning the next heat and feature race that you are in. Additionally, from time to time we get competitors cherry picking our biggest events such as Milwaukee and Oktoberfest. Past year's winners of either of those events can compete, but can finish no better than 4th position. This goes for both the driver and car. Additionally, if we make it to Daytona or Talladega , these tracks fall into the same rule as Milwaukee and Oktoberfest.
A) First Lap: Promoters have talked to us about the first lap. We want all cars to stay in formation until exiting corner 2 of the first lap. Promoters do not like to see 4 lanes of traffic going into turn 1 at the drop of the green flag due to the wide variety of speeds in vintage cars. That means door handle to door handle on the opening lap of all our races at the drop of the green. That means increase speed to near racing levels but no passing until exiting turn 2. Thank you for helping us with this.

Revised 4/05/2020