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                                             “Where the Cars are the Stars”

Our purpose as an organization of Vintage racecar drivers, owners, participants, sponsors and staff that are devoted to keeping the spirit of yesteryear’s stock car racing alive with vintage stock cars from the late 1920's to 1990 and honoring those drivers from long ago. We recognize the fans in the stands are an essential part of our success and because of them we exist. With great camaraderie, we take pride in our racecars that once roared in the hills of the upper Midwest.

Our fundamental philosophies of this series is to have fun and enjoy our common interest of vintage stock car racing.
1.Safety: there are a number of requirements concerning safety. It’s the owner and driver’s responsibility to insure that all safety items are in place in his/her their vehicles at all times.
2.Sportsmanship: We strive to accommodate the racers that want to get their cars on track and participate and those that look to have some good clean racing. This is not a series where winning is everything, getting on the track and turning left is. If you are looking to dominate every race, or winning consecutive annual events UMVRS is not for you, although there are other race series that allows for this.
3.Clean racing: NO CONTACT RACING. Bumps and tire rubs happen but please avoid them. No initiating 3 wide racing, it’s dangerous and creates crashes. No overdriving the capabilities of yourself or car. Lapped cars stay low. Use a radio receiver to get instant communication from track officials this is for safety and car organization.
4.Keeping the costs of vintage racing low, even though today’s cost of racing has increased; we discourage outspending in the interest of outperforming.
Winning is not that important, putting a quality vintage car on the track is. Some of these subjects and more are addressed further on the UMVRS website at


Yearly schedules are short as we realize everyone has a life outside racing and other commitments such as job and family, but provide an occasional venue to race vintage stock cars. Everyone is encouraged to seek sponsors for our events. Please thank all past sponsors and patronize their businesses if possible, e-mail, call, mail or in person.
Thank you and HAVE FUN!!!